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Be Ah-Mazing: Your ‘Thank You’ List

If you had to create a list of your top 20 people to thank… who would be on your list?

Recently, I had the privilege of standing in service of nearly 2000 professional  speakers at the National Speakers Association. It was mixed emotion, initially terrified, then scared however on the day I was beyond excited … a weird combination.

To stand on sacred ground of the NSA main stage was a big deal for this little Aussie. Hundreds of people helped me get ready for that day.

It made me think of my ‘list’ – the list of people that are really important to me. Who is on your list? Who are the people you could reach out and thank today? Who are the people who allow you to do what you do everyday? Who are the people who make you better just because you are around them?

Thank You CardWarning… this special edition is a little self-indulgent as I thank many people on my list who really impacted me.

Several people asked about my website, the slide deck and the introduction video I used in my speech – here are the rock stars I worked with:


Ford Saeks – thank you for the great website that everyone keeps commenting about – I love the new look.


Ed Primeau – the introduction video was fun and we got so many comments on that from the audience.


Paul – I loved my slides and they were some of the most beautiful slides on the main stage (obviously I am biased… and that’s what I heard) thank you for your marketing brain.


Brian Walter and Tami Evans – thank you for trusting me with such an important role in your convention and believing in me.  You two were the best convention chairs and you are exceptional at what you do. Need entertainment – hire them!


Lou Heckler – the world’s best speech coach, supportive friend and someone I will love forever. You are so humble and so talented.


Meg – my best friend in the whole world – there are no words – thank you – you know why.


Jen – I know you are in another country but I felt your support across the world.


Patrick & Lesley Henry – you are my family. Patrick, you are the funniest, most generous and incredible friend, my speech was better because of you. Lesley thank you for absolutely everything.


StaceyJonJudson – the best mastermind group a girl could ever ask for and thank you for all your support leading up to the event and during the amazing weekend in DC. Do you have a mastermind group? If not, it’s a great idea to start one for your business or as an advisory group for your company.


Gina & Misty at SocialKNX– you two mean the world to me. World’s coolest, most stylish and geeky gorgeous social media management company ever.


Maria – I could never do what I do without you.


My NSA family – there are too many friends to list and thank and know how much I love and adore you and was overwhelmed by your cuddles, texts, messages, calls, posts, tweets and gifts.


Matt – you have helped me become the speaker and business-person I am today – thank you my mentor and my friend.


My Andy – thank you for supporting all the dreams I have had and being there to witness such an important event for me – you are my world.


There are role models that I respect and admire, some are friends and some are people I want to be when I grow up. Huge thanks to:


Mark Sanborn, the world’s best in professional speaking, I have recommended him to clients and also recommend any opportunity to work with him 1:1.


Mark Scharenbroich – you are hands down one of the best speakers I have ever seen and I can’t wait to learn more from you.


Jeanne Robertson – you are truly the funniest woman I know, the hardest working speaker I know and one of the world’s true delights.


So if you made it this far and read all the way through … wow … and thank you.


Today can I encourage you to reach out to someone who is ‘on your list’ and say thank you. Remind someone you appreciate them. Tell someone you notice all the things they do for you.


Make someone’s day today – highlight their fabulousness and why you appreciate them, go on, you will be so glad you did.

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