Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Managing Growth Productively

Yesterday I was invited to speak locally on how to manage growth - what a great topic to be talking about during these times!

Lauren Sullivan shared a summary of the presentation on her blog: - check out what she wrote.

Handwritten Business "Thank you" notes: A Personal Touch

Here are a few of her tips:

1) Invest in a mentor. Either get a coach or ask someone if you can shadow them. If they can give you at least 20 minutes of their time, and they know something valuable to your personal / career growth, then that's a relationship worth building.

2) Align, Energize and Leverage. Align your values, energize what you're doing and leverage what things work well. If you're good at something you can put all your focus on it, which will not only make you extremely happy - but it will develop your niche, and then the money will flow. Outsource all the stuff you hate to do to focus on the things you need to do. You will save time and money, and enjoy life more.

3) Solve the pain. At networking events no one cares about what you do, or what your company does - they want to know how you can help them!! Tell them, and find a better way to present your business card - hold it face forward in your palm so they can read it.

4) Grow your business with current clients. It's the easiest, most effective way to earn more money. Use facts or percents that upsell your business. Manage growth as if you are already there!

5) Personalize it! Send handwritten letters, leave voicemails about interesting things that you clients would like, send them gifts, remind them that you are always there. Even go old shcool - use phone, faxes, office visits more often! For one day break away from social media to get your message across. Change email signature and voicemail every week - or every so often.