Tuesday, July 14, 2015

12 Productivity Tips – Guest Blog by Mark Sanborn

I love brilliant, easy to apply productivity tips that will make an immediate impact in life, relationships and our day-to-day. This is why I wanted to share the blog: 12 Productivity Tips by author, speaker and leadership coach, Mark Sanborn. Read, apply and enjoy!


1. Carry a notebook everywhere because you need to capture important ideas. Fight boredom with creative writing, vision casting and planning.

2. Get clear on the results you want to create before you think about strategies and tactics.

3. Know what you do best and what only you can do. Those are the things that should get first priority on your schedule.

4. Be willing to do what is necessary but don’t do what you’re not best at unless it is absolutely necessary. Delegate what you can.

5. Don’t try to outsource your creativity. As for input and ideas, but take responsibility for your own creative output.

6. Think again. And again. Spending money without forethought is expensive.

7. Know yourself. Schedule according to your style and preferences.

8. Don’t do what is easy, do what is important.

9. Have a few priorities but a long to do list.

10. Write it down as soon as you think it.

11. Don’t do things out of obligation. If it doesn’t represent an opportunity, why are you doing it?

12. Question for the beginning of the day: what are the most important things I want to accomplish today? Question for the end of the day: what did I accomplish today?

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