Monday, July 06, 2015

Be AH-Mazing: How to Break the Rules

shutterstock_192023183Australian’s are known to be friendly, laid back and they work hard… and play hard.

As an Aussie I am not good with authority or rules. My whole corporate life I had a reputation as someone who looked at things differently, who questioned everything and who could creatively find an alternate solution. I still do this today, if you give me a rule I often wonder how I could go around it or challenge it (not my best characteristic however I don’t ever want to settle).

Leaders of influence need to break the rules… occasionally. Don’t settle for the way things have always been done. Don’t adhere to all the unwritten rules of your role, your industry or your community. Approach decisions with childlike awe and wonder and respect and enquire if there is an alternative way to do something.

Most of my corporate career I heard ‘Neen that’s just not the way things are done around here.’ And I’d simply ask ‘why?’ What could you do differently today?

Some rules are for our safety – don’t break those! My talented artist and author friend Jason Kotecki recently launched a book Penguins Can’t Fly – click here to see our video. He and his wife Kim, are on a mission to cure Adultitis – I love it.

Conduct a pilot – if you aren’t sure if a project or idea will be successful, conduct a pilot first. Assess the results and make some adjustments. Not everything has to be black and white, try a pilot first. People can be more open to your suggestions if you pilot something first.

Opt out – in Jason’s book he has a great call to action to opt out of things that aren’t serving you. I suggest if you find activities unproductive or they don’t bring you joy – question if you still need to do them? Life has obligations however some of us have rules we follow we have inherited from others and we don’t question, or people in our lives that we could set free. Where could you opt out today?

Think creatively – question unwritten (and declared) rules to spark creatively and find alternative solutions. Allow your team freedom in meetings to brainstorm alternate ways to serve your clients, market your products or sell your services. Allow those who have the most contact with clients, customers or members to create alternative solutions to do more, be more and share more. Where could you introduce more creative freedom?

Impactful leaders choose to show up, stand out and create more significant moments that matter.

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