Monday, July 13, 2015

Be Ah-Mazing: How to be Productive When Traveling

If you travel a little (or maybe a lot) it can feel unproductive and frustrating. There are ways to make traveling more productive … systemize everything.


Before Travelshutterstock_73700746

Get the tools – Consider purchasing quality luggage (love Briggs & Riley), noise canceling earphones (love Bose in ear buds to block out travel noise), and a fabulous travel outfit. To make life easier, consider creating a one page itinerary too.


Productive Packing – if you travel regularly consider a permanently packed bag that has a series of pre-packed bags for toiletries, first aid kit and make up. Use the plastic from your dry cleaners to prevent clothes creasing.


During Your Travel

Allow extra 30 minutes – feel less stressed and spend the extra time connecting with clients, family or professional development.


Play music – create play lists to enjoy your travel more – listen to music and block out the noise


Pack food – many airlines don’t supply quality food; consider packing almonds, protein bars and fruit.


Workout – if you don’t have a gym in the hotel, establish a routine for your hotel room.


After Your Travel


Unpack quickly – refill toiletry items and allocate clothes for washing or dry cleaning and repack your bag.


Thank someone – The simple art of thanking people is often overlooked and is one of the most powerful things you can do before, during and after you travel.


Process paperwork – quickly sort through paper, action business cards and file receipts within 24 hours.


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