Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Productivity - Relax BEFORE your Vacation

Historically I have watched my clients (and myself) work like crazy right up until I leave for my holiday/vacation and I arrive at my location exhausted! So this year I decided to do something different, I have decided to be most productive this time and have built in time to get everything done the week before I go away! I have made a list of projects to complete and follow up actions to do before the weekend, that means I can really relax on the weekend and then enjoy my vacation.

Quick Productivity Tip: Book time to get your office up to date and your actions completed one week before your vacation, this takes away the anxiety and pressure the week leading up to the vacation then you won't waste your time (and your money) spending the first few days recovering from working too hard! Get productive... even before you go on vacation.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Productivity - Work Life Balance... is there such a thing

G'Day, recently I was invited to contribute to a great book called Balance: Real-life Strategies for Work/Life Balance. Now my opinion is ... there is no such thing as Work Life balance... I think it is a myth.

What I do beleive is that we can achieve Work Life integration by assessing our environment, emotions and expectations.

If you want to be more productive, stop chasing the elusive 'balance' quest and think about how you can integrate more aspects of your life. Stop compartmentalising everything and integrate. Find out more of my thoughts on this topic at www.neenjames.com