Thursday, October 25, 2007

Productivity tip: It's not what you do... it is what you delete

Recently I was in London with a friend Daz who said 'you are no productivity expert... your blog is out of date!' He was right ... in some respects. One of the biggest things I have learned in all my productivity research is that it is not what you 'do' it is absolutely what you 'delete'. Over recent weeks I have had to delete many activities from my daily routine to ensure I am maximizing my time each day. My blog had fallen down on the priority 'to do' list. Well I am back... thanks Daz for the 'gentle' reminder.

If you want to be more productive today it is simple, identify one activity you can delete! Take small steps to becoming more productive, today choose one activity you won't do on your list, delete it and then feel less burdened with so many things to do.

The most productive people I know don't do more, they do less. They choose to focus on the things that are most important and valuable to them in helping them achieve their goals.

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