Thursday, December 18, 2008

Be Productive in Your Lunch Hour: Feel Empowered

With so many responsibilities and obligations our lunch hours (or nowadays, lunch minutes) are usually filled with an enormous ‘to do’ list. Decide this year will be different. If you want to enjoy your lunch break, feel empowered and contribute to your wellbeing, there are multiple things you and try and watch your productivity and daily satisfaction increase!

Reach out – decide to use this time to catch up with a friend, invite a new client to lunch, investigate a local charity and get involved or call a family member.

Get out – enjoy the gorgeous weather, take your lunch to a park, visit a local museum, window shop for someone special in your life, or try a new cafĂ©. Invest a few minutes outside so that you can remove yourself from your environment and then clear your head, it helps you get more done in the afternoon!

Work out – many people claim they don’t have time to exercise but invest in yourself and your health by spending your lunch break taking a walk or try a new class at a gym close to your office. Use the middle of the day to increase your energy and watch your afternoon energy sky rocket.

Clean out – if you decide to stay in your office during your lunch break decide to clean up your computer and sort your electronic files, delete old unnecessary emails, clear off your desk and wipe down all surfaces. Use this time to clean up and you will feel lighter and more organized for the rest of the day… and week!

Chill out – lunch breaks are designed in the middle of the day to enjoy a few moments to replenish your body and energy. Use this time to laugh with a colleague, do a yoga class, sit in the sun and take in some vitamin D, experiment by trying a new food, breathe deeply, do a yoga class or take a walk.

By applying these 5 strategies you will feel empowered each day to meet every challenge and your personal productivity will skyrocket!

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Get Productive...Start a new career

Many people are currently spending alot of energy concerned about their jobs right now. If you find yourself looking for a new opportunity you can try these tips from an article I wrote that was recently published in Singapore Times.

Here are the main tips from the article:

1. Get Support.
2. It is not about you.
3.Set up a HQ (head quarters)
4. Update your resume.
5.Mind your language.
6. Stay well presented.
7.Stay motivated.

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