Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Outsource Execution – Not Strategy

Outsourcing is productive.

Leveraging systems is productive.

Creating templates is productive.

outsource consultants hire

Repeatedly reinventing systems, process and procedures… nope.. not productive (obviously).

I advocate for outsourcing systems and NOT strategy. As a busy leader, do you find yourself with more responsibilities and projects than you feel you have time in the day? If you want to have more impact and influence and truly be ah-mazing on a daily basis, you need to pay close attention to where you focus your thought.

You are exceptional in your unique thinking and creativity. Your team, your family and your community need your strategic thinking and creativity.


Three strategies to create more time for strategic activity (and less tactical activity) include:


Outsource execution – people closest to me know I would outsource my life if I could. If only there was cloning technology so someone could sit at the hairdressers (instead of me) I’d love it … I love the result, hate the long process. We leverage social media management using SocialKNX to share content online. We use a mobile financial controller for our accounting function. We have a brilliant keynote designer for speech slide decks. We outsource execution not strategy.  I still create the marketing strategy, speech and review the P & L … where can you outsource execution at work and home?


Limit decisions – we hired Kristel Closets to create a cohesive wardrobe that all coordinates and travels well (like granamials for adults) as I spend significant time living out of an overhead as a keynote speaker. I don’t have lots of clothes; makes decisions quicker. Shoes on the other hand… well that’s another topic.

Can you eat the same thing for breakfast each day? Can you limit the amount of small decisions you make daily to focus more on strategy?


Schedule strategy – when are you most strategic? Are you a morning person that creates best in the early hours or do your creative juices flow more in the evening. Know your style. Schedule time to work on your most strategic activities in your best time.  Can you schedule a strategic appointment with yourself this week?


Today as a leader where can you outsource execution to allow you to focus more fully on strategy?


You will have more impact and influence at work, at home and in your community when you choose to be ah-mazing!

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