Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Attention! Hear My DEEP Voice – Just for Laughs

Steve Spangler, Ellen DeGeneres, Spangler Science, Deep VoiceCan you imagine me with a deep voice? Just for fun today’s edition will grab your attention and make you laugh… hopefully out loud.

If we’ve met, you’ll know one of my unique characteristics is this voice.

It’s true… I sound like I am 5 years old… some might even say I sound like one of the chipmunks, so when I visited the team at Steve Spangler Science you can imagine the fun he had giving me a deep voice.


If you’ve ever wondered what I would sound like with a deep voice – click here:



Steve and his team have the most awesome science of the month kits so if you have someone you love who is also into science; consider one of these insanely fun gifts.


Halloween is a perfect time to explore all of the crazy fun things they have too – click here.


Every leader has unique gifts (and characteristics) that grab attention, what are yours?


Feel free to post your comments here on what you think of this fun video!


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