Monday, August 24, 2015

Share Your Thinking

My friend has brilliant mind. His ability to process volumes of information, create strategies, manage many moving parts has always inspired me. I thought of him recently when I watched the incredible movie The Theory of Everything, based on the life of the famous physicist Professor Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane.

Share ThoughtsI have always been attracted to the way people think. Understanding how people get from point A to B is interesting to me.

This movie demonstrated the true unbreakable human spirit, the power of love and the choices we make to continue despite our circumstances.

It reminds me of a comment my friend Scott Ginsberg says ‘people don’t want to know what you think, they want to know how you think’. As a leader are you sharing how you think with your team, at home and in your community?  To have more influence in your communications, project achievement and with others, share your thinking.

Be Clear – once you are clear on your message and how you have made the decision share both your decision and if relevant, the process of how you achieved that decision. Sharing your process will also assist others in your team know the ‘why’ behind ‘what’ you want them to achieve.

Be aware  – many people are coming to the team or project with multiple agendas, diverse backgrounds and experiences; sometimes not everyone accepts your decision so sharing your thinking behind decisions can also allows others to get on the ‘same page’ as you.

Be open – something I admire about those I know who think brilliantly, is they are constantly learning, reading, always carrying a pen and paper to write things down; constantly open to learning and observing the world around them.

As an ah-mazing leader, today choose to share your thinking with those around you and have more impact and influence on those in your world.

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