Monday, August 10, 2015

Create Contextual Models

To have more impact and influence as a leader when you communicate, consider creating a contextual model. Models appeal to the strategic thinkers in your organization or audience.


Models help you present ideas with more clarity, position your message if consulting on a project, and provide a framework for your audience. A great model can take complex ideas and simplify them.


Creating contextual models is a great strategy to capture your unique intellectual property for you, your team and your organization.

Contextual Model

Famous contextual models include Covey’s quadrant model (the urgent versus the important) and the food industry (food pyramid).


Use these strategies to elevate your message and create a contextual model to accelerate your communication and engagement.


Choose your shape – models are squares, circles or triangles – simple really!  When you think of the idea you want to demonstrate in a model, what shape comes to mind? If you are sharing a process maybe it feels like a ladder (a triangle can work well here), maybe it is about relationships (circles, maybe even a ven diagram, works well).


Choose your main messages – determine the main messages you want the model to demonstrate. Do you want to outline steps in a process, compare information or demonstrate characteristics or provide outcomes? Once you determine your contextual messages you can then determine how to share them in the model.


Choose your movement – great contextual models also include movement, especially if the message is aspirational. Can people quickly identify where they are on the model and maybe where they want to be? To show movement in a model could include x/y axis or arrows.


Next time you are presenting key messages to your team or provide an update of your project in your organization could you consider creating a contextual model to appeal to the strategic, left brained thinkers in your audience.


For an example of our contextual model on how to be ah-mazing everyday click here:


You don’t have time to everything, only time to do what matters. Today choose to quickly share your messages through models.



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