Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Productivity - Create a Reading Folder or Pile

We all recieve journals, newspapers, emails, magazines, newsletters, letters from loved ones (well maybe people don't write so much anymore) but all of those documents we want to read can cause us to feel pressure... self inflicted pressure.

To be more productive with your reading matter create a reading file. Take this file with you when you are on appointments, keep it in your car so you can catch up on some reading while you wait. Place magazines or newsletters in places around your home where you might have a few minutes to read them i.e I like to read mine on my walking machine when I am warming up and you would be amazed how quickly your time on the walking machine can fly by when you are captivated by a story, idea .. or the latest shoe collection for the season!

Don't let your reading create pressure, keep a file or folder or even a pile with you so you can be more productive in those waiting times.

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