Monday, May 15, 2006

Productivity - Colour Code

Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a paperless office, a time when everyone would enjoy only electronic payment, communications... but then we awoke from this fantasy!

It seems we still need to keep records, files and recieve mail that is paper. How can you possibly become more productive when everything around you is white!

While with one of my clients today we looked at her desk and all we could see was piles of paper (there is nothing wrong with piles... )but some of the papers related to quotes she had conducted for clients and wanted to follow up. As she is such a visual person we thought one way to help her distinguish the difference of all the 'white paper' on her desk was to start printing the customer quotes on lavender paper. This simple solution will quickly help her see the priority paper on her desk... the paper that helps her make money.

Colour coding your email, customer files, printed documents and more will help you become more productive as you can quickly identify what is important.

Addtional tip: Be consistent with your colours and create files ie. clients might be green, personal files might be pink, business development opportunities might be blue, projects might be purple... you get the idea.

Try colour coding your office environment and watch your productivity increase!

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