Thursday, June 01, 2017

Close the Deal with Same Side Selling Strategies by Ian Altman

same side selling strategies

Are you tired of playing games with your customers?

Does it sometimes seem like you and your client are working against each other?

Is it time to develop selling strategies that break through sales barriers?

As a coach and keynote speaker, I’m always on the lookout for ways my clients can save time, improve productivity and find efficiencies by paying attention to what matters most. If you’re in a position of sales leadership managing a team or an individual sales professional challenged with how to close the deal, you’ll find Same Side Selling strategies to be direct and time saving!

Same Side Selling, by author, speaker and coach Ian Altman, gives practical steps to break through sales barriers and turn confrontation into cooperation. Sellers that implement the Same Side Selling approach will be seen as a valuable resource, not a predatory peddler.

A Different Type of Book on Selling

What makes Same Side Selling strategies different from any other book on this topic is that it is co-authored by people on both “sides”: a salesman (Ian) and a procurement veteran who understands how companies buy (Jack). The buyer’s perspective is baked into every sentence of the book, along with the seller’s point of view. Our aim is to replace the adversarial trap with a cooperative, collaborative mindset. We also want to replace the old metaphor of selling as a game.


Want to know more about how Same Side Selling strategies can help you and your team close the deal? Watch here and learn:

  • How to work with your customer to achieve a win-win that benefits the success of you both;
  • Create a relationship with customers that ensures efficient decision making and discussions;
  • Radical approach to breaking through traditional sales barriers and cycles.


Want to learn more about Ian Altman and his incredibly effective selling strategies? Visit his website to check out his other books.


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