Monday, May 30, 2016

Standing in Service Gives You Competitive Advantage

Stand In Customer Service


Paying attention increases sales and profitability.

Paying attention increases customer satisfaction.

Paying attention gives you the attention competitive advantage.


One of the best competitive advantage strategies to grow your business, exceed client or member expectations and increase sales and connections is to pay attention. Sounds easy right?


One of my favorite things about living in the US is the exceptional service everywhere. It could be our local farmers market where the farmers are delighted you are visiting their stand on an early weekend morning, or the hotel reception when checking in after a long flight or maybe it’s my local barre3 studio where they know everyone’s name that comes in to take one of their classes.


Service is all around us … and not all service is equal.


True leaders know their role is to stand in service and this will give you the competitive advantage. If you’d like more ideas on this you can watch our video on YouTube, click here.


A great example of this is Carl Sewell, one of the biggest car dealerships in Dallas. He thought the local council weren’t doing the best job cleaning the streets around his dealerships and he wanted his clients to have the best experience when they stepped on his car lot, so he bought a street cleaner! He knows attention pays. You can read his book here:


One of the best examples of standing in service ever witnessed was at High Point University. I had the privilege of being hosted by the President, Dr. Nido Qubein and I was fascinated as every student approached him he knew their name! Nido is grooming leaders of tomorrow and providing and extraordinary experience for them by role modeling service at school and in their communities. Nido will tell you students come first at High Point University.


If you have ever listened to Sirius radio or watched Jeanne Robertson on YouTube you will know she is one of the funniest women on the planet! She is constantly sharing examples of every day life (including the service she receives) and sharing it in a clean, humorous way we can all relate to.


Each of these leaders has noticed something on the planet and they make a difference by paying attention to what matters. It’s the little things we do that give us a competitive advantage and make a big impact. Taking care of your team members at work, remembering your client’s names and being relatable to all those you serve are a few practical ways you can provide a competitive advantage.


Service is a mindset. I’m not in the ‘speaking’ business; I am in the service business. My role is to stand in service of every audience I meet and provide them with practical, implementable strategies they can apply in their personal and professional lives.


If you want to read a great book with more ideas on customer service check out Shep Hyken, Amaze Customers Every Time (and you can watch our book review here)


What could you do to be more ‘in service’ of your team, your customers (internally and externally) and your community today?


Love to hear your ideas below of how you can apply this and truly pay attention to what matters:


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