Thursday, March 24, 2016

What’s your next goal? Mine is a half marathon.

half marathon running goal trainingA simple question, with a complex answer.


When asked the question I wasn’t sure about the answer.


It’s no secret I am an ‘all-in’ kinda girl. If I love you, I love you with my whole heart, if someone dares me to run a marathon (apparently) I do, and I also have an addictive personality (dangerous combination).


Realizing I was in a rut, and didn’t have the next big goal to really look forward to, I turned back to running.


Before Spring 2015 I was never a runner, yet in that same year I started running and trained for a marathon in less than 6 months (did I mention I was crazy too).


Now I have a new half marathon (just a half, not a full) on the calendar for October it’s time to begin training (carefully and thoughtfully this time instead of last time where my stubbornness and ‘all-in’ is the only thing that got me over the line).


As I haven’t run for such a long time and my overweight, over-tired body sure does know it, it will be a long process however having hired my running coach again putting it in writing, I am fully accountable.

marathon running training


I like that running doesn’t let me down, clears my head, doesn’t want anything from me…. Just me; the road and my playlist. There is something freeing about the ability to go and run and work out any concerns or frustrations I have.


Because of the lifestyle I choose to lead, running is a good goal for me, a half marathon is manageable and I believe where you focus your attention you get results. What’s your next goal? What’s something you are working towards that you could share with someone else to keep you accountable?

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