Monday, March 07, 2016

5 Ways to Give Attention on Facebook

Facebook Like Button Social MediaLove it or hate it (and depending on the day, I move between both of these emotions…) Facebook is a way to show people attention.


I admit sometimes it often drives me crazy… some posts are so bad, I can’t help myself and still read and sometimes I see posts and shake my head. However the positive aspects of Facebook of being able to connect to my family in Australia, chat with friends around the world and see life changing events for others in real time… makes it all worthwhile.


I have been known to say ‘I don’t need to read other people’s crazy to feed my crazy’ #truth.


Here are 5 ways to give attention to others using Facebook:


  1. Like a post – it’s a simple click of a button and now Facebook offers more emotions like Wow, HaHa, Love or Dislike. It shows someone you read their post.
  2. Comment on a status – spend a moment to write a quick comment so someone knows you saw it and have an opinion.
  3. Share a memory – one of my favorite features is Facebook shows old photos of memories shared with others. You can then re-share and remind someone of something fun that occurred.
  4. Add to a discussion – Facebook has groups where you can add value, share a resource or help someone in a conversation.
  5. Shoot a video – for people I adore when it’s their birthday, I shoot a little video singing Happy Birthday (I do NOT have a great voice, but it’s fun). Videos allow others to hear your voice, see your face and know you went a little extra just for them.


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What would you add to this list to give someone attention on Facebook? Love to hear your ideas below

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