Sunday, January 24, 2016

Confidence Gets Attention: Know Yourself, Your Team and Your Ideas

know yourself, know your competition,Confidence gets attention. Confidence gets results.


Do you know someone that walks into a room and you can tell they feel confident, in themselves, their outfit, their knowledge? They have a presence about them and they present their ideas with authority.


If you want to get the right attention for you, your team and your ideas here are three strategies to help you today:


Know Yourself: invest time to know your strengths (and your stressors). Explore assessment tools, read books like Fascinate by Sally Hogshead, Strength Finder 2.0 or do an assessment with Core Clarity online… so many great tools available.


Early in my career, sitting in Barb’s office (she was a beautiful, elegant and fantastic boss), and she gave great advice saying “Neen you need to know 3 things you are good at, don’t blink and don’t look away”. What are your three things you are good at?

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Knowing this has helped with job searches, projects and promotions over my career. Watch this video for more ideas:



Know Your Team: know their strengths, invest in training and development and know the status of their projects. Always be looking for ways to promote your team to others in your organization. What are your team’s top three priorities this week?


Know Your Ideas: I love creating ideas and especially contextual models to support real thought leaders… however I am not fabulous at the implementing routine activities. I love helping brainstorm ideas, capture ideas… I just don’t enjoy implementing them (I definitely leave that to talented consultant colleagues). Do you believe in your ideas? Can you present your ideas with conviction and make them easily understood to those in your meetings and presentations?


Positioning your unique thoughts confidently makes you stand out in a room and within your organization.


When you know yourself, your team and believe in your ideas you are able to walk into any room, meeting or presentation with your head held high, a smile on your face and true confidence to get attention for your team, projects and ideas. Try this out today.


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