Thursday, December 03, 2015

Make Your 2016 More Profitable and Productive with Executive Exchange

Neen James Keynote Speaker Coach Mentor Executive Leadership ProfitabiliyWhen it comes to sharing your expertise, having a laser-focused ROI for your client or audience is often the key differentiator.  So many of us have extensive experience and considerable content, but no clear way to share what we do and how we do it.


In order to clearly identify your unique offering and to make more money from your ideas, spend 90 minutes in an Executive Exchange with Neen James.  Neen will bring clarity and contextual messaging to your brand, in order to help you articulate why you are the best expert to hire or best leader for your project or promotion. This will not only lead to brand cohesion and confidence, but also increased commercial success.


This three stage process will eliminate extraneous messaging and allow your true thought leadership to become focused and noteworthy.


A: Before your Executive Exchange, you will receive a series of activating questions to complete.  This exercise is incredibly grounding and begins the process of function through formulation.  The answers you share will also give Neen a brief summary of who you are and where you currently serve.


B: During your 90 minute Executive Exchange with Neen via phone or Skype you will receive:


  1. A clear positioning statement that you can use when someone ask ‘what do you do?’. This script is a powerful tool to be used on your website, LinkedIn profile, social media, in videos, during a speech and for your sales calls.


  1. A unique contextual model to clearly showcase your expertise in a way that is easy for your client / buyer to understand the value you add to their event and organization. This model can be used during your presentations, in sales calls and to elevate the scope of your next book project or project report.


  1. An intellectual property snapshot to help articulate one of your leading ideas that will include a contextual model, metaphor, statement and explanation and relevant data and stories to support it. This tool can be used in your presentations, blogs and sales conversations. This tool is especially helpful to distinguish you from other experts in your area and show depth of knowledge and expertise of why you are the best person to hire or partner with.


C: After your Executive Exchange you will be eligible to access Neen’s extensive Success Source Material including: templates, sample chapters of eBooks and recommendations of additional resources to grow your thought leadership and help you make more money from your ideas.


If you are ready to harness the power of your brilliant brain, schedule your private session with Neen today.


Three-part Executive Exchange Experience = $750

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