Monday, November 02, 2015

3 Strategies to Pay Attention to Our Existing Clients

Your existing clients chose you.

Delight Your ClientsThank Them – people want to be seen and heard. Make sure they know you appreciate them.

Surprise Them – send them notes, give them phone calls, send them emails, send them little gifts. Make them advocates.

Delight Them – suggest a new service, let them know in advance if your price will change.


Legendary Customer Service expert and speaker, Shep Hyken said recently ‘customers love to be contacted by the senior leader or executive level’ – it got me thinking. Our customers like attention … especially from those in seniority. When is the last time you gave them your attention?

Here are 8 strategies for managing attention:

Good attention

Be proactive – spend time proactively thanking your clients for doing business with you and your team for their constant performance. People want to be seen and they want to be heard – recognize someone today.


Have integrity – do what you say you will do. Be a person of your word. People notice when you do what you promise.


Deliver constantly – always be researching ways to provide exceptional customer service to your external and internal clients.


Share good news – provide testimonials from clients to the team and remind them of the great work they do, share team member achievements at meetings to inspire success. Always look for opportunities to shine attention on positive results.


Stay congruent with your brand – your personal brand as a leader and the brand of your company are reliant on staying consistently congruent with your values and beliefs – stay on point.


Bad attention

Think before you post – if you don’t want your grandma to see it or you don’t want it on the front page of the New York Times … don’t post it! I’m astounded at the crazy comments people post – don’t be that person!


Think before you press send – don’t fill in the TO field on email until you are 100% sure it is right, not emotional and can’t be misunderstood. Never send an email in anger, frustration or confusion – it doesn’t make you look like a strong leader and attracts bad attention.


Apply the bottom drawer technique – one of my bosses Barb, used to say ‘let’s apply the bottom drawer technique’ meaning put it in the bottom drawer of a desk, sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning. In today’s world of constant connectedness it’s easy to make rash decisions or respond inappropriately – don’t do it – it’s not good for your reputation.


Today focus on strategies to get GREAT attention and avoid activities that lead to BAD attention – when you do this you will be even more ah-mazing and be a leader with much stronger impact and influence.


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