Monday, June 08, 2015

Be AhMazing: Talk like TED


Do you like to watch TED talks?talk like ted


Do you want to have more impact when you speak?


You might enjoy this book Talk Like TED.


Like many of you, I love to read and stay current on the latest thinking and trends. is a great website that features thought leaders with one idea they believe can impact the planet. Check it out.


A recent book I read breaks down some of the most successful TED talks and it’s a great resource if you do presentations as part of your role.



Want to be more engaging when you speak? Be more memorable? Make an impact?


If you answered yes, check out this book.


Use Stories

Stories are how we learn. Master story tellers make an impact on their audience. Stories can be sourced from your own personal observations, ancient history, current events, world news, even fairy tales.

What stories could you use to make your point?


Delight and surprise

Your audience wants to be surprised, they want to learn something new. What is a novel way to make your point. Bill Gates releases a jar of mosquitos when he shared the impact of malaria in other parts of the world.

What can you do that will surprise and delight?


Make it memorable

One powerful ways to make your message memorable is use a metaphor. Metaphors are memorable and repeatable. It will make your message stick.

What metaphor best summarizes your key message?


Have you read this book? We’d love to hear from you. Share your comments with us here below.


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