Monday, June 22, 2015

Be Ah-Mazing: How to be a Better Speaker

speech-speaker-keynoteA favorite part of my business is as the opening keynote speaker at large corporate or association events. Often people approach me afterwards and say ‘I want to do what you do!’ or maybe they say ‘can you give me more ideas on how to be a better speaker’.


You might be a professional speaker (so you probably know of these already) or maybe you speak as part of your role at work; you might enjoy these resources. Here are a few of my fave resources:



How to Win Friends and Influence People – an oldie but a goodie!

Talk Like TED  – fantastic summary of the top TED talks and what makes them great

Power Cues – fabulous resource on body language and cues for influence


Resources from the National Speakers Association

Paid to Speak book by National Speakers Association


Speaker Magazine online – published monthly with valuable articles.


Voices of Experience App – a monthly audio magazine and I love listening to previous year’s interviews also.


Slide formatting

A brilliant resource for your slide creation is Slide:olgy by Nancy Duarte


If you want to hire someone to make over your slide deck we love Reflective Spark  Paul Vorreiter


Speech Coaches

Lou Heckler is my favorite speech coach.


Short Talk expert Hayley Forster can help you prepare for TED like talks that are short.


Nick Morgan of Public Words also has a great e-zine I subscribe too called Public Words..


TED talks I love (there are too many to list however here are two great ones)


Amy Cuddy TED Talk

Elizabeth Gilbert TED talk


What would you add to this list? Love to hear from you.


For more tips and ideas how you can break into the world of professional speaking, check out my video Be Ah-Mazing: How to Become a Professional Speaker on YouTube, then subscribe to my channel for more tips to live an Ah-Mazing life!

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