Monday, March 13, 2017

Attention to Employee Loyalty: The Inside Scoop on Creating and Keeping a Thriving Team


Employee LoyaltyHow do you create employee loyalty strategies that get your team to rise to the top and stay there both as individuals and as a whole?  How do you keep them from being recruited away, or experiencing burnout?


Start by paying ATTENTION to those key factors that drive THEIR attention to the employee loyalty outcome you want to create.


Let’s take a look at three powerful strategies for creating comprehensive employee loyalty:


  1. Map it Out. Create a roadmap that allows each member of your team to see the big picture goals you are striving for as an organization and the roles they play in it. Share with them how their “piece of the puzzle” fits into the success of the company and their success as well. Then hold them accountable for staying the course.
  2. Coach Them. What I mean by this is really being present with your employees to assess their strengths and areas of enhancement and invest in the training and development that will help them soar. That might mean brainstorming solutions. Scheduling one-on-ones with them. Disconnecting from devices and distractions when you are meeting with them so you get the scope of what they need to be their most successful. When your team members know that you are engaged in helping them thrive, their loyalty, job satisfaction and willingness to jump all soar.
  3. Motivate Them. They key to motivating anyone is the find out what motivates THEM as individuals. Surprisingly enough, money is NOT always the biggest factor in motivation. For some it may be giving them a stronger leadership role. For others, it might be shifting their work hours so they have more family time. For someone else it might be including them on specific teams, or sending them to a conference or training that will advance their knowledge and ability to hit goals. Spend some real time one on one with your employees and find out what sparks them to jump out of bed and hit the ground running every day. Once you know that, you can help guide and motivate them to discover their own greatness.


Being a leader who can bring people together, develop creative solutions, and knows each team member well enough to know what drives them and what will make them pull together will inspire loyalty and help your business thrive.  I hope you’ll take these strategies and put your own spin on them to make it an ah-mazing year for you and your organization.


Want more ideas and tips to create strong employee loyalty and drive motivated success throughout your team? Take a moment and watch this video.

This video will teach you:
– How to discover what motivates your employees
– How to reward and recognize hard work
– How to create programs that focus on employee culture


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