Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pay Attention to Your Influence. Influence Redefined – Book Review

Buy this book to be influential Monday to Monday

I have smart friends. When I received my copy of Influence Redefined: Be the Leader You were Meant to Be by Stacey Hanke, I squealed with delight.

Stacey is a dear friend, my accountability partner, an awesome speaker and one of the strongest communicators I know. She travels the globe sharing with Fortune 500 companies how to be more influential.

This book is like sitting with Stacey in one of her executive coaching sessions.

Full of strategies to be the most influential leader Monday to Monday® Stacey shares practical advice for every leader. The book is also filled with great case studies, bonus assessment tools and videos. When I started reading I couldn’t put this down.

She challenges the reader that you may not be as influential as you think! I love the contextual model she outlines in the book and the action items and executive summary in each chapter.

This is a MUST read for everyone this year. Read it, apply it and buy copies for your team. This book makes for a great coaching and discussion tool for you and your team. Influence Redefined helps individuals create a consistent personal brand. The value readers receive is through the practical skills and techniques they can apply in their day-to-day interactions, both at work and home. The book offers how-to’s for communicating with brevity, clear and concise messages, adapting messages on the fly to meet listeners’ needs and reaching a call-to-action.

Check out Influence Redefined today.

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