Tuesday, October 25, 2016

20 Strategies to Create Attentive Relationships

attentive relationshipsDo you want more fabulous, effective and attentive relationships with clients, friends,  your partner and your community?

Here are 20 strategies to implement. Choose two and execute them today!

  1. Turn off the TV and give someone your undivided attention.
  2. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while and surprise them.
  3. Leverage Hootsuite to share shout outs on social media.
  4. Post a message on a friend’s wall FaceBook (find an old high school friend while you are there).
  5. Write a testimonial for someone on LinkedIn to praise someone you enjoy working with.
  6. Purchase note cards and randomly send a thank you note.
  7. Celebrate other’s success by leaving a voicemail and posting on their Facebook wall.
  8. Plan a vacation (or even a long weekend) with someone you love.
  9. Post photos to share great memories on Instagram.
  10. Make calls (hands free of course) while driving.
  11. Carry stamped stationery with you so you can write a quick note.
  12. Strengthen listening skills by ‘listening with your eyes’ (that’s what my special friend Donovan tells me)
  13. Leverage time zones if you have international friends and set up video dates.
  14. Use Skype or Zoom so you can see people you care about (and people don’t multi-task while you can see them)
  15. Set up phone dates with people you care about and clients you haven’t seen for a while.
  16. Book virtual lunches – I do these with my friend Scott Ginsberg and love it!
  17. Eliminate distractions from conversations – remove any distractions i.e. cell, tv, videos and focus on one person.
  18. Host an annual event i.e. we have an annual Australia Day party in our home in January and it is so much fun!
  19. Create weekly check in calls with people you care about.
  20. Collect business cards when you enjoy connecting with someone and follow up and stay in touch.


Bonus:  Have a face to face, real, eye to eye, belly button to belly button conversation.

People want to be seen and they want to be heard. Are you seeing people? Do they feel heard by you? These simple ideas will help you feel more connected and pay attention to what matters today.

What are your favorite ways to connect and improve relationships? Share your ideas with us here.



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