Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Take Charge of Your Personal Life – Guest Blog by Jon Petz

No matter how much you try to keep your personal and professional lives separate, they both have a great impact on each other. Even for some, their professional life is the reflection of their personal life. When you are happy, stable, and content in your personal life,you may redirect your optimal energy to your work which may directly affect your productivity and professional growth.

Step Back and AssessIt’s no wonder that most employers prefer hiring people who have more stable personal lives. This is because those who are emotionally healthier and satisfied tend to be more focused and efficient at even the complex of tasks.

So, if you have been putting your personal life on hold, read through to take charge.

Step Back and Assess

Unwind and assess yourself to find out the things you have been missing in life.Be honest with yourself and think more clearly about the adversities and setbacks.Discover the things that are working and those that are not working in your life. This allows you to see problems you have been avoiding as well as the things you have been submitting to against your will.

Once you know your problems, you can work to make a change. Rather than letting your fears set in, you need to acknowledge them and try moving past them to embrace things that bring happiness and contentment.

Maintain a Healthy Body and Mind

The health and fitness of your mind and body plays a crucial role in the overall satisfaction and happiness in your life. In order for this, eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and take good sleep to feel better about your body. Besides helping you achieve a well-balanced body, these may help you reduce anxiety, control anger, and ease depression to help you achieve overall wellness. A Harvard study that studies a group of men for over 70 years found that maintaining a healthy mind and body is among the top secrets to a good life.

Set Short-Term Goals

Set Short-Term GoalsMaking a drastic change requires a lot of time, energy, and commitment. It may not be possible for you to stay motivated and enthusiastic about it along with way. The best way to stay motivated is setting numerous short term goals and acknowledging yourself for every objective you achieve.When you achieve one goal, you may have greater desire to improve and become better at reaching your next milestone.


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