Tuesday, June 07, 2016

3 Ways to Celebrate Life (according to Marcello Pedolino)

inspiring people Marcello PedolinoI have some of the most clever, good-looking, focused friends on the planet! One of my fave entertainer, DJ and all round great guy is Marcello Pedolino from MMP Entertainment.

Marcello is exceptional in every way. He is focused on his business and delivering an extraordinary experience for his clients, focused on his health and is the pin up boy for how to take care of yourself and focus on those he loves by giving his undivided attention and love.


When his latest book was released Celebrate Life I couldn’t wait to read it. It’s not your standard book. It’s filled with practical strategies we can all apply in our everyday lives to truly celebrate life. The pictures will inspire you and cause you to want to explore more, capture memories with those you love and leave a legacy you can be proud of.


If you aren’t already following Marcello check him out on Twitter, follow him on Facebook, read his blog, and definitely buy his book. We did a book review you might like to watch on YouTube, click here:


It’s the perfect summer reading to help you savor all the moments in life and to inspire you to create even more.


Three of his strategies I really loved that resonated with me, and maybe will with you:


Take care of yourself – just take a quick look at Marcello’s photos and you can see he walks his talk about focusing your attention on your health and well-being to be around for those you love. What could you do today that would allow you to take better care of yourself?


Keep good company – you often hear me say we need more VIPs in our lives (that’s Very Inspiring People) and we need to delete (or minimize our time) with VDPs (Very Draining People).  The legendary Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones used to say  “You will be the same person in five years as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read.” Agreed. Who are the people you need to spend more time with this week that inspire you?


Do what you love – this is not a cliché. When you love the work you do, the people you are surrounded with and the places you get to enjoy, life is easier to celebrate. As a keynote speaker I get to serve audiences all around the world, it takes me to cool places with some of the most ah-mazing people ever. What could you schedule time for this week so you can do more of what you love?


Check out Marcello’s book Celebrate Life, pour yourself a drink (maybe a healthy green juice or a huge glass of water complete with mint leaves and cucumber pieces) and sit down and enjoy every page of this great book. Well-done Marcello!

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