Monday, February 15, 2016

Stop Being Rude

Pay attention stop being rudeWhen did it become acceptable to be rude by paying more attention to our gadgets than to each other? How often have you witnessed people failing to pay attention to those around them because they are looking down at their phone? Are you guilty of this behavior?  I believe it’s something most of us struggle with and must resolve to change.


Whether you are with people you know, or interacting with a stranger, it’s time to stop being rude.


Watch my 3 tips to stopping rude behavior, being kind and connecting with those around you. Give your attention to those that matter most.

Stop Being Rude Behavior

Can you commit to paying more attention?

Can you commit to putting down the device and connect with those around you?

Leave your comments for how you will begin to pay attention and connect with those that matter.

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