Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Who are your beacons?


Have you ever felt like you are in a fog?

It might be an overwhelming project where you can’t see the end, or maybe a relationship that isn’t serving you and you’re not sure how to set it free? Maybe you focused your attention on the negative aspect of something instead of seeing the positives?

I know I have done this.

Recently I was in a fog. With a major project and so much going on, I didn’t know where to focus first (not good when a so-called productivity expert is overwhelmed… it happens).

I realized my beacons rescued me and helped me refocus my attention on what really matters.

Here’s how I got out of my fog or as my friend Ella from On Air with Ella calls it … a slump!

Be selective – I sought advice of 5 people I trust and respect, asked for input and listened to their advice. After processing their feedback I made most of the changes. Who do you listen to? Be REALLY selective of who you let speak into your life.

Be ruthless – once the strategy was created I made massive changes clearing out distractions, removing overwhelm and being hyper focused on the end goal. What do you need to eliminate from your responsibilities or obligations. Be REALLY ruthless with your time and attention.

Be quiet – listen to others, create a strategy and then sit quietly and process all you need to do or think to move forward. This is hard for me. I am noisy. My headspace is noisy. My honey will tell you I am noisy. So quiet is not normal and yet so powerful. Where do you need to be REALLY quiet so you can focus your attention on what really matters?

My beacons include my best friend, my ah-mazing mastermind, friends in my industry and of course, my honey. Who are your beacons?

Who are the people that you look to when you are in a fog or struggling to know where to focus first? This week, find a beacon and tell them you appreciate them. That’s how to be ah-mazing.

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