Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to Really Use LinkedIn - new book by Jan Vermeiren

One of my collegues has written a valuable resource on the how to's of using LinkedIn. This practical resource is a requirement of every person using LinkedIn today.

More than 34 million people have a profile on LinkedIn and some connections. However the most heard questions are: why should I be on this website? How does it benefit me? And how do I get results without spending too much time?

Jan doesn't only reveal the true power of LinkedIn, but also shows a short and effective 3 step plan to get results fast. Furthermore there are advanced strategies to find new customers, a new job, suppliers, experts,...

Together with answers to the 24 most frequently asked questions, an overview of 22 little known features and a list of free tools to save time when working on LinkedIn, this makes "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" thé ultimate guide for success on LinkedIn.
To celebrate the launch there is a special package for anyone who buys the book on Amazon on March 17. More info at:

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