Monday, November 03, 2008

Get productive... go on vacation

With only one more 'sleep' until I fly to Australia for a few weeks and I am astounding myself with how productive I can be and how much really gets done in anticipation of being away.

If you want to really accelerate your productivity, set yourself a deadline and work like crazy to make it happen. During this past 48 hours I have reached out to several outstanding business proposals, written two articles, cleared my inbox.. totally and updated several projects.

At the beginning of every year it is essential to block out vacation (holiday) time so that you can know what is ahead and plan accordingly.

I have decided not to take my laptop on this trip and trusting Maria with my email and office operations.

So do you want to be more productive before the end of the year, book a vacation, think about Thanksgiving and determine what you can do before you go away... now I have 24 hours left before getting on a 22 hour flight... now what else is on my to do list!

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