Thursday, July 05, 2007

Productivity Tip: Start Reading

We all get swamped with journals, newspapers, ezines, articles and books. We all tell ourselves "oh I must read that" or "I want to read that" but we don't seem to get through the pile. Try these simple tips:

1. Create a reading file - carry it with you everywhere and read it when you are waiting in lines or for appointments.

2. Tear out articles from journals you want to read and then discard the journal.

3. Tear out newspaper articles and keep them in your reading file for future reference.

4. Buy books at airports and read it on the plane.

5. Throw away any journals or articles that have been sitting in your reading pile for more than 12 months, if you haven't read them now, you won't!

6. Unsubscribe from ezines that don't add value to you and your business.

7. Cancel journal subscriptions you never read.

8. Give your journals to other team members who might enjoy them if you are not reading them.

9. Cancel newspaper deliveries if you don't read them.

10. Set aside 15 minutes once a week to scan your reading file and discard anything you won't read and enjoy the rest!

Reading is a great way to boost your skills, get educated on a new subject and understand current trends, it should be built into your weekly routine to help you be more productive in this area. Enjoy!

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Susan Wight said...

I can see why Neen James is so productive (and succesful) I noticed this blog was posted before I got up this am! shame on me, that won't happen again! I'd miss the sunshine, and the glow on the horizon? that's from Neen!